Precision Market Insights


Precision Market Insights from Verizon uses actionable insights derived from the nation's largest wireless network.  This provides unprecedented 360-degree views to help you understand your target audiences, engage them more precisely and ultimately transact with them more profitably.

Using observed mobile behavior, Precision Market Insights offers marketers a growth engine, as well as a system and process to shape targeted, actionable campaigns. You can now strategically enter new markets and strengthen current connections with game-changing capabilities:

  • Target mobile advertising (browser and in-app) to defined audiences using criteria such as postal addresses, ZIP codes, demographics, or interest attributes.
  • Act and adapt quickly to the digital marketplace.
  • Expand targeted reach via optimized mobile marketing.
  • Uncover new behavioral insights about your target audiences.

By providing analysis based on targeted consumer profile preferences, Precision Market Insights helps business partners further expand the breadth and reach of their marketing initiatives.




Precision Market Insights is part of Verizon Wireless—and in addition to having the most coverage, Verizon is the only 4G network that is 100% LTE, the gold standard of 4G technology. This 4G LTE network now covers over 95% of the U.S. population with 86+ million subscribers. Data is drawn from this base, collected by daypart and anonymized to protect subscribers’ privacy. Advanced analytics engines then provide a deeper perspective to help you reach and engage with your target audiences.



At Verizon, we’re committed to protecting the privacy of customer information. The information that is shared to provide insightful data to businesses is provided solely on an aggregated basis as a means to enhance the overall media experience and dialogue between growing businesses and consumers. Data is not included from Verizon Wireless customers who choose not to participate.