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Fleet management solutions combine products, software and systems that track vehicles, automate work orders and billing, monitor vehicle conditions and driver behavior and much more. They keep you aware of what's happening and where so you can optimize delivery routes and schedules and streamline operations across your entire fleet.

With fleet management solutions from Verizon Wireless, real-time data helps you stay on top of fleet operations. Our solutions are designed to give you complete control over what's happening out on the road—right from your computer at the office. The technology captures and transmits real-time data to give you all the critical details when you need them. Now you can make more informed decisions, identify issues before they become problems and keep operations economical and efficient. You can also:

  • Closely manage fleet assets and workloads.
  • Monitor condition of cargo to prevent loss or spoilage.
  • Recover lost or stolen assets and prevent fraud.
  • Improve vehicle maintenance and reduce breakdowns.


Fleet Control

Our bundled Fleet Control solution combines rugged tablets with powerful management software, advanced security features and your choice of business-related applications—for improved fleet management and operations.
Find out how the Fleet Control solution can help you get more out of your fleet.



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Locate vehicles, boost operations and increase
dispatch effectiveness with actionable data
about your fleet.

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Get more value and productivity from
every vehicle in your fleet with GPS
fleet tracking.

Identify, manage and improve driver
safety, customer service and more
with improved visibility into
day-to-day operations.

Efficiently manage your fleet and
maximize your revenue with this
cloud-based GPS fleet tracking
solution that delivers real-time data
to achieve measurable result and
optimize your fleet.

Know where your equipment is and
what it’s doing with real-time visibility
into operations and a connection to
your mobile workforce.