Small Business Machine-to-Machine Solutions Summary

Discover how M2M can boost
business and profit potential.

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Machine-to-Machine Technology
for Your Small Business Needs

Accelerate growth with confidence.
Verizon simplifies advanced machine-to-machine (M2M) technology by
helping small businesses streamline processes, increase productivity and
pursue growth opportunities. With M2M solutions, you can:

  • Easily connect with remote assets. Exchange data in a proven, secure and budget-friendly manner.
  • Automate processes. Analyze and act on real-time information, and get more done with available resources, resulting in greater business efficiency.
  • Build growth, confidence and capability. Thrive in the face of competition.

Whatever your industry, Verizon M2M solutions can make a big impact. For more information on any of the M2M solutions listed below or to set up a consultation, please contact our business sales team.



Asset Tracking

Track real-time location and condition of shipments and mobile assets to better manage inventory, analyze usage and reduce loss.

Learn more about Asset Tracking.


Digital Signage

High-impact touch-screen digital displays give your customers timely and targeted messages—and help you boost sales and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about Digital Signage.


Fleet Management

Increase visibility into your operations with Verizon Fleet Control, a complete fleet-management solution, bundled at an affordable price.

Learn more about Fleet Management.


Mobile Point-of-Sale

Accept credit card payments anywhere. Mobile point-of-sale (POS) solutions keep your sales associates in front of customers, enabling on-the-spot transactions and enhancing customer service.

Learn more about mobile payment processing


Self-Service Kiosks

Provide your customers with 24/7 access to services and products, while reducing operating costs, with remotely managed, self-service kiosks and wireless ATMs.

Learn more about kiosk and wireless ATM solutions


Remote Monitoring

Gain wireless remote access to job sites and storage equipment like tanks to help you efficiently monitor inventory levels, optimize delivery schedules and reduce maintenance costs.

Learn more about Remote Monitoring.



Cloud Services

With cloud services, you can easily store, access and manage your M2M data. Cloud services can help improve efficiency, increase productivity, decrease IT costs and streamline operations when deploying a machine-to-machine solution.

Go to Cloud Services from Verizon Terremark


Energy Management

Monitor and track usage data in real time. Energy management solutions like smart metering help control costs, conserve energy and reduce environmental impact.

Learn more about Energy Management solutions.


Healthcare Monitoring

Help improve the efficiency of your practice with real-time access to patient information and status, empowering caregivers and patients wherever they are.


Video Thumbnail; View video about keeping caregivers mobile.

View video about keeping caregivers mobile


Smart Vending

Enable self-serve vending machines to accept cashless payments and transmit real-time sales data. Wirelessly networked machines keep you automatically updated with machine health alerts and inventory management information.

Learn more about Smart Vending.


Mobile Surveillance

Have a real-time mobile command center at your fingertips. With Verizon wireless surveillance solutions, you can monitor multiple locations simultaneously for increased awareness and safety.

Learn more about Mobile Surveillance.