Present Your Business Your Way with Custom Caller ID.

In every business, professionalism matters—and how you come across to clients can go a long way toward increasing credibility and interest in your company. With Custom Caller ID Services from Verizon Wireless, you customize your Caller ID information so even when you're contacting prospects on your mobile phone, you present a polished business image.

Company Name ID

This service allows you to define how outbound calls from your company are presented to people you call. You can choose unique custom names, such as a department or employee name, as well as a custom callback number—the number for scheduling, for instance, when technicians make a call. You can even attach an image, such as a corporate logo, to outbound calls. Benefits include:

  • Instant credibility when calling customers for the first time
  • Increased company visibility with existing customers
  • Affordability, with monthly subscription prices of $1.99 per line

View the Company Name ID FAQs

Share Name ID

This free service allows you to designate a custom name that will display on Caller ID-enabled devices when you place outbound calls. Share Name ID allows you to:

  • Use the custom name for one or all of your multiple lines.
  • Manage the service easily online through My Business Account.

View the Share Name ID FAQs