Control the Cost of Communications with Wireless Office.

Keep employees connected and productive across your company while managing costs and downtime with the Wireless Office solution from Verizon.

With a unified communications platform and wireless office network, your employees are more accessible—and more accessible means more responsive, informed and successful. With our Wireless Office solution, it's easy to stay accessible and in communication.

Wireless Office is a suite of wireless services that brings powerful calling features previously available only on your desktop phone to Verizon Wireless mobile phones, allowing you to eliminate redundant lines and maintenance fees.

Benefits of Wireless Office

With Wireless Office, you can:
Reduce communications costs.
  • Eliminate redundant lines and maintenance fees.
  • Save on PBX expenses for moves and personnel changes.
  • Reserve regular calling plan Anytime Minutes for calls made off-campus or to non-company employees.
  • Save on international calling expenses with International Call Routing Feature (minimum 5,000 subscribers required).

Increase productivity with quick, simple calling features.

  • Enable quick-contact features like Abbreviated Dialing and Short Codes.
  • Permit call screening and management with Call/No Call Lists and Time of Day Controls.

Allow mobile employees to roam while maintaining communication.

  • View and manage calling features (company administrators only).
  • Manage the entire system through a simple Web interface.

Wireless Office Advanced Features

Wireless Office includes specialized features that keep employees productive and in touch.
  • Easily manage all features through the intuitive Web interface.
  • Add valuable minute options to Advanced Features, depending on your business needs.
  • Available to customers with a minimum of 50 total Verizon Wireless lines.

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On-Campus Pricing

On-Campus Pricing lets your company share a pool of minutes for on-campus calls made from mobile phones
or landlines. When you place calls outside the campus, your regular wireless calling plan takes over.

Private Numbering Plan

Our Private Numbering Plan (PNP) gives employees a pool of minutes to use when calling company landline phones
that are on the designated PNP list. When you place calls to anyone not on your PNP list, your regular wireless calling
plan takes over.

Advanced Calling Features:
Advanced Calling Features are available in the Verizon Wireless National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area; however, some features may not be available in some markets, in some cases necessitating the caller to redial a number to connect the call. Features may vary based on whether the subscriber is making or receiving a call. The Abbreviated Dialing Advanced Calling Feature cannot be used for international numbers. Short Code Feature is available for customer’s company landline/DID numbers; residential phone numbers may not be added to Short Code lists. Customer maintenance of Advanced Calling Features requires Internet access.

On-Campus Pricing:
On-Campus Pricing is available to customer’s participating corporate subscribers making or receiving calls when a participating subscriber is within a pre-defined geographic area (“Campus”). Customer’s Campus area will be defined by the coverage provided by designated Verizon Wireless cell sites. If necessary, Verizon Wireless shall perform an “RF” survey of the customer facilities to determine signal strength, and identify Verizon Wireless cell sites providing coverage to the Campus. Verizon Wireless reserves the right to make a determination that customer’s facilities are not qualified to support On-Campus Pricing due to RF issues in the building(s), or proximity to Verizon Wireless cell sites. On-Campus minutes will apply to calls made or received by participating subscribers when they are physically in the Campus area at the time the call is initiated, and will continue to apply until the call is terminated, even if the subscriber leaves the campus area. On-Campus minutes will not apply to calls that originate outside the campus area, even if the participating subscriber making or receiving the call thereafter enters the Campus area. Verizon Wireless anticipates the cell sites defining the Campus will provide comprehensive coverage of the Campus area. However, due to the limitations of wireless service, subscriber calls may occasionally connect to a cell site that is outside the Campus area even when the subscriber is physically within the Campus area, and such calls will be billed in accordance with the subscriber’s underlying calling plan. Verizon Wireless will not provide credits for calls connecting to another carrier’s cell site if the caller is in the Campus area. If more than one allowance of minutes could apply to a particular call made or received by a participating subscriber in the Campus area, then, if applicable, National Mobile-to-Mobile Calling or Night & Weekend Minutes will apply before On-Campus minutes.

Private Numbering Plan Feature:
The PNP feature provides customer’s participating corporate subscribers with an allowance of minutes applicable to calls made to customer’s designated DID business/office number. In order to implement PNP, customer must provide Verizon Wireless with its DID information. PNP minutes apply to calls made from corporate subscribers with the PNP feature to numbers on customer’s DID list. (PNP minutes will not apply to calls received from DID numbers.) If customer sets up the Abbreviate Dialing Advanced Calling Feature to any of its PNP numbers, then calls made to these numbers will be billed per the subscriber’s calling plan and will not decrement from the PNP allotment of minutes. Subscribers must be within the Verizon Wireless National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area for PNP minutes to apply.