Improve your 4G LTE coverage in your office.

Now you and your employees can always access the top data speeds and the best 4G LTE Advanced Calling connection of Verizon’s award-winning network.

The benefits of a 4G LTE Network Extender for Enterprise

A well-connected workforce creates a more productive workplace.

Solve your building’s coverage problems with a 4G LTE Network Extender for Enterprise. Each unit provides approximately 31,500 sq. ft. of circular coverage (about a 100 feet radius) and supports 42 active connections in a population of about 200 idle 4G devices*.

Simple to setup and connect with all Verizon 4G LTE devices.

Get the Network Extender up and running with just a few simple steps so employees can access 4G LTE on their phones and data on their laptops and tablet.

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America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

Verizon Wireless is committed to keeping your business connected to what matters most.

Tech specs and helpful how-to guides

See which Network Extender model will best serve your needs with our convenient comparison chart.

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Model 4G LTE Network Extender for Enterprise
Manufacturer Samsung
Supported Networks LTE Band 13 default.
Features 4G LTE data, Advanced Calling**.
Capabilities 42 active connections with 4G LTE Data and Advanced Calling **.
Minimum Internet Requirements 20 Mbps downlink, 10 Mbps uplink (50 Mbps downlink, 20 Mbps uplink recommended)
Coverage Area About 31,500 sq. ft (100 ft radius).

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