Engage Customers with Timely, Targeted Messaging.

You've got just seconds to catch your customers' attention. Your message, whether on a digital billboard in your lobby or on an in-store kiosk, has to be specific and aimed at your audience. Verizon digital-signage solutions for business make it easy to offer your customers personalized offers and up-to-date information based on their preferences and location, or even the time of day.

As experts in digital signage, we can help you serve customers better and open up new profit-making opportunities. Whether you use digital signs to promote retail offers in your store, keep guests informed throughout an event venue or present interactive training and sales demos at trade shows, you control the messaging and have the freedom to adapt and respond to changing user needs at any moment.

Benefits of digital signage solutions:

  • Drive more sales with timely messages and promotions.
  • Manage consistent communication across multiple locations from virtually anywhere.
  • Quickly adapt and personalize your offers and information based on real-time response data.
  • Keep fresh, relevant messaging in front of customers at all times.

Digital Signs in Action

While digital signage solutions can help businesses of all kinds to promote services and keep customers informed, they're particularly well-suited to the retail and hospitality industries. These solutions can help you:
  • Target advertising to specific demographics. Update any or all of your digital signs instantly and remotely to adapt to changing market conditions, sign locations, time of day and other criteria.
  • Manage and deliver content. Plan, test and set up marketing or informational displays and kiosks to ensure reliable and timely delivery of messaging across all locations.
  • Improve customer service. Engage guests or customers with interactive kiosks that feature on-demand chat, services or information for a better overall experience.

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Create, schedule and manage marketing messages from any Web browser. From digital signs to interactive media, Stratacache solutions reach customers at the critical point of decision.

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Customize and monitor sales messages for each retail location in real time from a central platform. Plus, get visibility into message effectiveness and make adjustments on the fly.

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Deliver compelling messages to customers on a system that lets you plan, create and schedule new content and monitor each display around the clock from a central location.