Protect Assets with Mobile Security and Surveillance

Protecting assets and operations is critical for every business. Take a proactive approach against threats to your mobile assets. Mobile security and surveillance solutions from Verizon can reduce your risk and help identify potential security threats before situations get serious.

Benefits of Mobile Security and Surveillance

Our solutions combine real-time video monitoring with the speed and reliability of our 4G LTE network and cloud-based management systems that offer analysis and intelligent alerts. These solutions keep you well-informed and on top of any potential threats - and help you take quick action to handle events before they escalate.

Our mobile security and surveillance solutions can:

  • Improve operational efficiency with the ability to respond immediately to real-time events.
  • Give you ultimate freedom in placement of cameras and sensors.
  • Integrate with advanced technologies such as cloud networking, data analysis, storage systems and network devices.
  • Detect and alert you to activities or events based on predefined rules.
  • Help you centrally monitor multiple sites, potentially reducing the need for additional staffing.
  • Stream video footage in real time over IP-based networks for further indexing and analysis.
  • Give you situational awareness of the location or activity of objects in a monitored space.

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