Master Workflow Management with Verizon
Field Force Manager.

Give mobile employees the tools they need to work faster and smarter. Verizon Wireless Field Force Manager helps you provide proof of service, automate timesheets and job dispatch, collect service information and much more. Plus, new features help keep you better informed and improve decision-making processes. With an app that runs on employees' mobile phones and a convenient online management portal, Field Force Manager keeps you aware of what's happening with mobile employees so you can better manage them.

Improve mobile employee productivity.
Employees can use the mobile app on their devices to get anytime access to tools that will help them streamline communication, stay informed in real time and travel more efficiently.

  • Accept jobs and update statuses from remote job sites.
  • Capture job-specific data and documentation, such as photos and electronic signatures, on electronic forms for proof of delivery.

Streamline field operations and dispatch.
The cloud-hosted management application helps you stay connected to employees.

  • View employee location and assign new jobs based on proximity to job site.
  • Automate and validate payroll with tamper-proof electronic timecards that help save time
    and reduce errors.

Increase management insight.
Back-office integration lets you automate processes and analyze trends for more informed
decision making.

  • Get a comprehensive, candid view into business activities in the field.
  • Make the most-informed and cost-effective operational decisions based on real-time data.

Optimize business operations.
With clearer insight from Field Force Manager, you'll have the information you need to improve business operations and back-end reporting.

  • Analyze data to assess productivity, payroll costs, job performance and service satisfaction levels.
  • Integrate data with your company's back-office systems and business applications, such as payroll, to automate critical functions.

In addition to all the great benefits of you'll get from using Field Force Manager, we've made it even more powerful with enhanced usability, geofencing and reporting.

To learn more about how Field Force Manager can help benefit your business, contact a Verizon Wireless consultant.

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