Boost Sales and Visibility with Smart Vending Solutions.

Give customers flexible, cashless payment options and remotely monitor vending machines in real time with smart vending solutions from Verizon Wireless.

Vending-machine technology is constantly evolving. Today's "smart" vending machines can accept credit and debit cards in addition to cash and contain various sensors that notify their owners when inventory runs low or maintenance issues arise. Smart vending solutions from Verizon Wireless simplify business by automating routine tasks, which leaves you free to concentrate on more critical areas of business.

Give Vending Customers More Payment Options.

By allowing customers to pay with cash or card at your vending machines or kiosks, you can widen your potential customer base and increase sales. In fact, USA Technologies, one of our smart vending solution partners, reports that customers who install cashless payment systems into existing machines average 84% higher sales after just one year.*

When you enable wireless connectivity and cashless transactions with credit, debit and prepaid cards on your existing vending machines, you can:

  • Improve maintenance by receiving automatic malfunction alerts on your mobile device.
  • Conveniently allow customers to use their preferred payment method.
  • Increase your sales opportunities.
  • Sell higher-priced items.

Monitor Your Vending Machines in Real Time.

Get greater control over your business with greater visibility into the state of every machine. Real-time monitoring keeps you aware of inventory levels, maintenance needs and other issues so you never lose a sales opportunity. And incident alerts on your mobile device help you know how your business is doing without ever having to leave the office. With smart vending solutions, you can also:

  • Gather information on customer usage to increase sales.
  • Save on labor costs by sending technicians out only when needed.
  • Keep machines in good working order and address maintenance issues proactively.

* View a video about USA Technologies and Verizon Wireless smart vending solutions for more details.



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