Protect Your Data and Information


Let Verizon Wireless
safeguard what matters most.

Verizon Wireless enables you to work with confidence, knowing your
business information is protected with reliable, built-in security features.
You can spend less time worrying about your business and more time
building it. You can also protect your mobile devices and secure your
data with Verizon Total Equipment Coverage, Mobile Security, Backup
AssistantSM and more.






Total equipment coverage.

If your covered mobile device or accessories are lost, stolen, damaged or have a defect, you’re protected. Even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Contact data is protected.

Don’t lose your contacts. Backup Assistant is a wireless service that saves a copy of your device's address book to a secure web site. If your phone is lost, stolen or damaged, Backup Assistant can help restore your saved address book to a new phone—wirelessly.

Take control of your phones.

Usage controls let you filter content, block unwanted calls or messages and even set time restrictions.

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For more information.

Learn more about this and other wireless communication solutions for your organization.

Protect your Android smartphone from malware and unauthorized access.

Mobile security helps protect your device from viruses, malware and spyware. Remotely locate, lock, alarm or wipe a misplaced or lost device via My Verizon.



Learn how America’s fastest 4G network offers even greater security to small businesses.